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3 Day Diet

The 3-Day Diet is not a new diet by any means and though some aspects of it may have changed over the years, it has remained relatively the same. It lures potential dieters to its plan due to the promise of noticeable and exercise free weight loss within 3 days.

The 3-Day Diet is just as the name says, a strict eating plan that users follow for 3 days straight. After the 3 days are up individuals may begin eating as they regularly would for the next four or five days and then they begin the 3-Day Diet all over again. Individuals continue to follow this pattern for however long they choose. Unlike many other diet plans the 3 Day Diet consists of exact eating plans for every meal that the dieter eats each day. In order for the diet to work users cannot deviate from the specified foods in anyway. Individuals must also make sure to adhere to the portions specified in the plan. The 3-Day Diet promises its loyal followers that they will lose weight fast. It also promotes substantial weight loss, lower cholesterol levels, a boost of overall energy levels and it helps to cleanse the body.

Best Features
Many individuals might enjoy the 3-Day Diet because they only have to commit to it for 3 days at a time. For those individuals that are trying to lose weight this gradual process at changing their diet might be easier than trying to do a complete over haul at one time. In addition, none of the foods that are incorporated into the plan poses any type of short or long-term health risks so individuals can enjoy the meals without regret. One of the best things about the 3-Day Diet is that users have days to eat normally. Individuals can still enjoy the foods they love and get the weight loss they have desire. The plan also does not recommend any type of exercise for those who would prefer not to.

The 3-Day Diet restricts individuals to a very small amount of calories, which can be dangerous. Anytime an individual reduces their calories drastically, the body’s metabolism lowers and once they start eating normal again the weight comes back extremely fast. Due to the fact that most of the weight loss is water, weight and not fat loss individuals must be careful. This diet will only work if all of the foods are eaten at the proper meal. Having to stick to such, a strict eating plan may be hard for some people especially if they do not like some of the foods included. Exercise is also not included and studies have shown that exercise is important and vital to the body and successful weight loss.

The 3-Day Diet is a great jump-start diet to get individuals started on the weight loss track and achieving their overall goals. However because it is extremely restrictive and does not include exercise it is not necessarily a great long-term plan. After using, the plan to get motivated individuals should begin to develop a healthy long-term eating and exercise plan.



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