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Bistro MD Review


Bistro MD is a meal delivery plan developed by a certified medical doctor that is designed to provide individuals with healthy meals and to encourage weight loss.  The program is very easy because the meals arrive at the individual’s home already prepared.  All they need to do is warm them up and enjoy.


The great about the food from the Bistro MD meal plan is that each meal is prepared by a professional chef and each dish must be approved by a physician before being approved for delivery.  The Bistro MD plan also provides users with a large variety of meal selections.  Meals are planned out for each individual.  Each meal also fluctuates between 1100 to 1400 calories.  This is a great concept because changing the calories up helps the body not to get used to one particular calorie count. This helps to keep the metabolism revving and the weight coming off.



  • Weight Loss

The Bistro MD not only provides individuals with gourmet food but it also helps them lose weight.  As mentioned before the meals are designed to serve several purposes.  Bistro MD wants customers to enjoy the food but they also want to promote a healthy living as well as weight loss.  Those individuals that follow the plan do experience noticeable weight loss oftentimes within the first week.  Individuals get a chance to enjoy great tasting food and lose weight at the same time.

  • Convenience

The food is prepared by a chef, so it is as if individuals have their own personal chef working for them.  In addition, individuals have all of their meals and snacks for the day so it is easier to plan eating periods.  One of the biggest problems that most people encounter on diets is that when they go out or while they are at work, they are tempted by so many unhealthy foods.  Having the food prepared and ready means that individual’s can take a week’s work of lunches to work or they can easily grab their lunch and a snack while they are on the go.  The meals process becomes so easy.
In addition as mentioned, previously the Bistro MD plan has a lot of different type of food available.  It strives to make sure that there is something for any individual regardless of tastes or eating habits.

  • Health

The Bistro MD meal plan provides balanced meals to individuals.  Each meal is not designed simply for weight loss individuals also are receiving a balanced and very nutritional meal.  This is important because individuals must make sure that they are still adhering to their daily nutrient intake.  Many diets are so restrictive that they leave out many important nutritional aspects but this plan incorporates them all into the meal plan.  There are also special types of foods for those individuals that suffer from health problems such as diabetes.  There are meals that were prepared especially for diabetics and they are full of tasty low glycemic foods.  Each meal comes with a nutritional guide so individuals are always aware of exactly what they are eating and if they have any additional questions, there are professionals that can answer their questions.

  • Customer Service

Unlike many meal delivery programs the customer service professionals for Bistro MD are trained for the job.  If individuals have a question about the food, nutrition, weigh loss or anything else they can contact customer service and talk to a trained dietitian or directly to the chef.  This is convenient because individuals are able to get professional help but at no additional charge.  Individuals can get all the information they need in order to help them reach their fitness and weigh loss goals.

The Bistro MD plan overall is a very sound meal delivery system plan that promotes weight loss; however there are a few things missing.  One of the important things is that this program does not encourage exercise and exercise is one of the key components involved in long-term and lasting weight loss. In addition, meals are already premade so this can limit the ability for individuals to make their own food choices.  The plan can get expensive especially after weeks of buying food so individuals really must consider this beforehand.  For those individuals that have large families this may not be the best plan because it is designed for one person.  Though the foods are nutritious, each meal is very low in calories so this might cause a problem for extremely active individuals. 


The Bistro MD is a great system for the typical busy man or woman that is trying to lose weight.  It features great healthy food, professional support and advice and it is extremely convenient.  It is not the ideal plan for families because of the cost and the small food portions but but it is a great weight loss plan and individuals will experience success.






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