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It is probably not heard to tell what type of food individuals will get a chance to enjoy on the grapefruit diet.  This diet has maintained popularity over the years because individuals do experience weight loss and because it is relatively simple and inexpensive.  The Grapefruit Diet is based around the notion that grapefruits when eaten with the right types of foods help to burn fat and therefore lead to weight loss.  Dieters must either eat a grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice with each meal and the meal plan is laid out for dieters.  Individuals are encouraged to follow the plan exactly in order to obtain the best results.


Grapefruit and a Healthy Diet
Grapefruits are very healthy and they are a great food to be incorporated into any eating plan.    It is a great food to include in any diet plan because it is low fat and is packed full of important nutrients such as Vitamin C.   It also is a great source of fiber and beta carotene.  Grapefruits have been linked to helping people reduce their cholesterol and it also is good for the heart. 


People do experience significant weight loss in a short amount of time when they follow the plan strictly.   Individuals also get a chance to eat some really good food on the plan.  They get a chance to enjoy a variety of meat including fired dishes and condiments such as salad dressing and butter.  The plan which includes things such as bacon and eggs and salad allows individuals to enjoy some very tasty and flavorful food.  Grapefruit as mentioned previously is also a very healthy food and eating it with a meal does help people to get fuller quicker and can help individuals eat less calories overall.


Individuals do experience weight loss on the Grapefruit Diet but it is not recommended as a long term eating plan.  Many people enjoy weight loss because the plan drastically cuts calories and this helps dieters to lose weight in the form of water and not fat.    Individuals must be careful because when they go back to eating the same way they may have the tendency to gain the weight back very quickly.  Also though the plan has some good food, individuals will probably get tired of eating the same thing each day for every meal.  Also the meal plan does not provide individuals with many of the vital nutrients they need to sustain their body long-term. This plan also does not recommend daily exercise.


For those that are trying to lose weight quickly for a special event or to prepare their body to start a weight loss plan the Grapefruit Diet is a good jumpstart.  However this plan calls for individuals to follow an extremely low calorie diet plan which will not be enough to continuously sustain the body.  Individuals will experience weight loss but with the way the diet plan is set up for most people it will be short term loss unless they are willing to make lifestyle changes and more importantly incorporate exercise.


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