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Low Carb Diet

Low Carb diets are one of the most popular types of diets.  Many people claim to achieve weight loss and they love the way they look and feel.  However, like most diets this diet does have its share of critics who question the overall healthiness of this diet plan.


Low carb or low carbohydrate diets are simple to follow because they entail cutting out all forms of carbs.  Therefore, for those individuals that love to indulge in breads and pastas, this diet plan eliminates items such as those.  Instead, individuals who follow low carb diets focus on adding more fat and protein to the diet such as lean meats such as chicken or fish.   Individuals also can indulge in beef and pork.  Eliminating carbs causes the body to produce less glucose.  Glucose is the main component responsible for helping to maintain blood sugar and weight.  When carbohydrates are no longer ingested, the body will begin to use stored carbs in the body and as the carbs are burned, the body produces water.  As this process continues, the body loses weight in the form of water weight.  After the body has used up its extra supply of carbs, the body begins to burn fat in order to use it for energy. Anytime the body burns fat, weight loss occurs.


The Low Carb Diet does not focus on one particular meal plan.  The only rule is to limit carbs but individuals can enjoy a variety of lean meats and vegetables. Unlike most diet plans, individuals can also enjoy eggs, butter and even cheese depending on how the restrictive the individual choose to be.   Broccoli, spinach and various peppers are just an example of the vegetables users can enjoy.  Most people can expect noticeable results within their body and an increase in their energy levels within a very short period. In addition, some individuals also experience lower cholesterol levels. 


The Low Carb diet excludes many vegetables and fruit.  Fruits contain carbs or starch so they are prohibited in low carb diets.  Many people feel that without fruits and certain vegetables, which are banned users, cannot develop a balanced and long-term eating plan.  In addition, though individuals cut out fat they are still able to indulge in foods such as butter, cheese and meats, which can be full of unhealthy fat.  Therefore, for some individuals it may help them lose weight in the beginning but in the end, it may wreak more havoc then good due to the fatty substances allowed.  Some people also experience a lack of energy and other side effects from no or not enough carbs in the diet.


The Low Carb diet can be a good starting point for many individuals.  Fatty breads and pastas do help people to add to weight gain and especially belly fat.  By cutting down on the number of carbs slowly and incorporating more lean meats; individuals can lose weight and look and feel good.  This plan is flexible so if individuals make sure to operate at a level that they feel comfortable then it is a great plan, especially to get weight loss started.


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