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As the name implies a low fat, diet is any diet plan that focuses on a diet that contains little fat.  Low fat diets help individuals to understand and distinguish healthy fats from unhealthy fats.  Some individuals such as those that suffer from heart disease or diabetes are put on a low diet plan by the doctor in order to help them lead a healthy life.  Low fat diets do contain some fat they simply help individuals to incorporate good fats into their diet plan. 


Good Fats
It is important that low fat diets do not eliminate all of the fat out of an individual’s diet because there are fats that are actually good for the body.  Those individuals who want to make a life change and cut out unhealthy or saturated fats are on the right track and reducing those types of fats does ultimately result in some weight loss.  However, individuals must realize that the type of fat they consume is just as important as how much they consume.  Healthy fats include monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids, which serve an important function in the body.  Fish, nuts, green vegetables and olive oil all contain healthy fat.  Individuals on a low fat diet will also enjoy plenty of fruit and fresh produce.  A person who adopts a low fat diet will learn to replace items in their diet with these great healthy alternative fats.


Bad Fats
Saturated fats are unhealthy fats and they are found in red meat and even in whole dairy products.  In addition, fast food, fried meats, some breads and junk food are also full of the fats.  Unhealthy fats end up being stored in the body and they accumulate on areas such as the thighs as the belly.  Belly fat is extremely unhealthy and can be potentially dangerous to some people.


Benefits of the Diet
Low fat diets do help individuals to reduce their overall calorie intake and encourages a healthy eating plan.  Adopting a low fat diet has also been proven to help people lose weight.  Individuals also help to help their heart health by adding in more healthy fats, which are essential to the body.  A low fat diet may also help individuals to improve their cholesterol and blood pressure.


Some low fat diets also cause for a low intake of daily calories so individuals must make sure not to cut too many calories.  In addition, there are many low fat products on the market and though some of them may be low fat, in order to make sure they taste good manufacturers may add salt or sugar.  Increased levels of salt or sugar in foods can lend to increased weight gain.


A low fat diet can be a good way to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle but individuals must remember to eat balanced meal and pay attention to portion sizes.  Overeating is possible even with low fat foods.  Users should remember to start slow such as taking the skin off chicken or making fruits and vegetables snacks instead of junk food.


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