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Medifast Review

It is hard to miss the Medifast advertisements. The products are plastered throughout magazines and they have several commercials based on the popular name brand. Many individuals have probably been wondering exactly what it is and does it actually work. 

How It All Began
Medifast is not a new product name but for many years, it was only available by prescription and not to the public.  Dieters could prescribe the meal plan to their patients who needed some quick weight loss.  Sometimes the patients simply needed to lose weight or sometimes they needed to drop a few pound for a medical procedure.

How the Medifast Plan Works
The Medifast Plan is a convenient meal delivery programs that provides individuals with good and healthy food to satisfy their hunger.  Each meal is carefully planned and made in order to make sure that individuals will experience substantial weight loss.  It is a meal replacement plan that provides individuals with everything they need for the day.  Each low calorie and low fat meal is carefully prepared in order to make sure that all the daily vitamins and nutrients are included.

The Medifast plan takes the body into ketosis.  Ketosis generally refers to the period when the body is actively burning fat.  The supplements on the Medifast plan because the body to begin burning fat that is has stored in the body.  For this reason, users on the Medifast plan will eat several times per day.  This will help to ensure that the metabolism continues to burn over an extended period.  This also helps to ensure overall better weight loss results.  The great thing about the food plan is that individuals have a variety of different foods to enjoy.  Users will eat about every 3 hours and enjoy calorie free beverages and plenty of water.

Variety of Medifast Plan
Individuals can indulge in shakes, soups and even puddings.  There is also a variety of meal plans depending on the food preferences of individuals.  For those who are lactose-free or who are vegetarians there are even prepared meal plans for them.  For health conditions such as those who suffer from diabetes, Medifast also has a dedicated meal plan for them to enjoy.  Most users order their meal plan online and they can simply go to the website and look at all of the different types of food that are available for the plan they want.

One of the most talked about plans is a plan known as “5 and 1.”  This plan is so popular because some individuals have experienced rapid weight loss.  The meal plan is composed of five meal replacements and then one real meal each day that should be composed of a lean protein choice along with three servings of vegetables and a salad.  This is also a very low calorie plan so individuals experience noticeable results in just one week.  Men and women generally undergo different Medifast plans and for those who undertake the “5 and 1” plan there are different shakes that are designated for men and women.

Benefits of Medifast
The Medifast plan has helped many people experience great weight loss and to improve their health.  As mentioned before there are meal plans that cater to diabetics.  This is important because diabetics generally must monitor their weight to help control their disease and for those that are overweight, diabetes can be extremely dangerous.  Medifast helps diabetes to lose the weight and the foods are healthy but tasty so individuals are also able to control their insulin and sugar level.  The healthy food choices when combined with the weight loss are a definite plus for diabetics.  The Medifast delivery system also has proven success; many studies have shown that this plan is a great plan, especially for those that are extremely obese because it allows individuals to lose weight without surgery or other more serious options. 

Medifast is also great because the meals are delivered to the individual’s home.  Users do not have to worry about cooking or trying to prepare their own meals and count calories.  Each program also comes with an individualized nutrition and maintenance guide to help individuals reach their goal.  The maintenance plan also recommends that people exercise for the best results.

Medifast Not for Everyone
Medifast is a meal delivery service so users must pay for the food and it can get somewhat expensive.  Some people may not be able to afford to continue the diet long enough to reach their goals.  The meal plan is somewhat restrictive and extremely low in calories so some people may have trouble adjusting. 

Medifast is a great plan especially for those who need to lose a lot of weight because the weight comes off quick.  The meal plans are strict and very low in calories so some individuals may need to consult a doctor if they suffer from certain health problems.  However overall the plan is convenient, extremely safe and it causes results.


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