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Nutrisystem Review

NutriSystem has the reputation of being one of the first diet plans to offer the convenient meal delivery system.  Today it continues to be popular for both its great weight loss results and its convenience.  It helps those individuals who want to lose weight, control their portion size and helps them stick to a low calorie meal plan while enjoying healthy and tasty food selections.

What is NutriSystem?
The NutriSystem plan is based on very simple guidelines.  There are several eating plans that individuals can choose from depending on their dietary needs.  For example there is a Vegetarian plan, a plan for men and a low glycemic plan that is great for diabetics.  The plans may differ a little in the food choices but they all focus on high fiber, low fat foods.  The NutriSystem also makes sure to include lean protein to help individuals feel fuller and more satisfied without adding extra calories.  As far a calories are concerned the plan for women is based on 1200 calories and the plan for men is based on 1500 calories per day.  Each meals come already prepared and users simply microwave them and enjoy.

Food Choices
Individuals on the NutriSystem program get a chance to pick each one of their meals out and then they order exactly what they want.  There are hundreds of entrees and desserts for individuals to choose.  Individuals can choose what they want because each dish is made especially for the diet plan.  Each meal plan follows the same ration, 55% carbohydrates, 25% good fat and 20% protein.  The meals are also designed to include plenty of fiber, which is generally present in the form of whole grains.  Each meal plans also assures that individuals eat six servings of fruits and vegetables every day.  Individuals generally purchase their won fresh fruits and vegetables to go along with their meals.  Individuals will enjoy five delicious meals, each day that is designed to keep members full throughout the day and promote weight loss.

Users can design meal plans to help them if they are diabetic or vegetarians without any problems.  Individuals never have to count calories or measure out food with the NutriSystem plan because everything is done for them.  Members can design their own meal plan or if they need help or guidance there are people who can answer their questions and if necessary design their meal plans.  Individuals receive 28 days worth of the food that has chosen along with snacks and deserts.



  • Many people struggling to lose weight have achieved their goals with NutriSystem.  The easy and convenient meal plans have allowed them to focus on achieving a healthy lifestyle. 
  • NutriSystem has a wide choice of food for individuals to choose.  This is important because most dieters complain that they get tired of eating the same food over and over again.  Boredom is one of the main reasons that people stop diet and exercise plans.  The fact that NutriSystem has so many types of food for individuals to choose from they do have a less likely chance of getting bored.
  • Each meal is designed to be very healthy.  Individuals get all of their daily vitamins and other nutrients.  Members do not have to be worried about not getting balanced meals.
  • The food is prepackaged but members do get a chance to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables from the store.  Fresh food is also a welcome treat after having to eat pre packaged and microwave food constantly.
  • The NutriSystem program is a also a fan of exercise which is essential to being healthy and losing weight.  The program encourages daily physical activity and it has exercise tapes that users can purchase and follow along with at home.  Many weight loss programs do not include exercise they feel it is not needed when on a low calorie diet but it is one of the best ways to feel better, lose weight and keep it off.  Dieters get a chance to take advantage of healthy eating and its relationship with exercise.


  • Buying meals monthly is rather costly and may not be an affordable plan for some dieters.  If they are unable to commit to the meal delivery system they probably will not get the weight loss results they were looking for.
  • None of the food that is delivered is fresh and many individuals will get tired of eating pre-packaged foods.
  • Some of the meals are very low in calories.
  • The NutriSystem plan provides healthy meals but it does not focus on teaching people how to stick with the plan and its guidelines after the meal delivery system has ended.

Overall the NutriSystem meal delivery system does get people eating better, however it does not help people make long-term lifestyle changes. For that, you need will power and real self control when it comes to what you eat and how you exercise. Always try to remember what Oprah said: "A moment on the lips; and eternity on the hips."  As a compensated affiliate, I can tell you that their needs to be more direction about how individuals can adapt their own NutriSystem program in order to continue their weight loss success.



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