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Most individuals are familiar with the Zone Diet because it is constantly in the news or being discussed.  Many popular celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston are followers of the Zone Diet and they praise it often.  The Zone Diet was specifically designed to help individuals lower their risk for a heart attack.  Heart attacks are one of the leading causes of death for individuals so this particular diet quickly gained notice.  The Zone diet is based around a simple eating plan; individuals are instructed to consume 40% carbohydrates, 30% fat and 30% protein in their daily diet plan.


Zone Diet and a Healthy Heart
The whole design of the Zone diet is to promote a healthy heart.  The eating plan supposedly helps to protect individuals from heart attacks and allows them to lose weight at the same time.  When people lose weight and get down to their ideal weight, many people drastically reduce their heart attack chances.  The Zone diet, which consists of the exact eating ratios, helps individuals to achieve their weight loss goals and protect their heart.


People do experience success on the Zone diet and they do not have to stop eating all of their favorite foods.   The plan can pretty much be thought of as a low carbohydrate diet plan where individuals get a chance to enjoy a variety of doo.  Individuals can eat things such as beans, fruits, vegetables and even small amounts of cereal, bread, rice and fruit juices.  Many other diet plans focus on low carb meal plans and forbid many of these items.  The meal plan also helps to control the body’s insulin production levels, which is definitely beneficial especially to diabetics.  Thos who follow the Zone Diet generally have less body fat than dieters do on other eating plans so this also helps with weight loss and staying healthy.


Users must stick to the exact ratio in order to have success and some people may have trouble finding foods that fit exactly in to the required guidelines.  Each meal also takes a substantial time to prepare and many individuals simply lack the extra time.  There are delivery companies and foods that individuals can buy that focus on the zone diet but they can become expensive and this might not be economically possible for some individuals.  The meal plan and ratio guide for the Zone diet does lack some key nutrients that they body needs.  Some individuals may not get their daily-recommended doses of vitamins and other nutrients.  The Zone Diet plan also incorporates a lot more unhealthy fats than other diet plans and this could lead to problems for some individuals.


In many ways, the Zone Diet is a solid eating plan.  However, users must always make sure that they are getting their daily nutrients in their meals.  Users should also beware of the fat that is contained in some of the items that are allowed on the plan.  Items that are high in unhealthy fats should be avoided regardless of the eating ratio.


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